Courtesy Coverage Opt-In
With the Courtesy Coverage, rather than automatically returning unpaid, non-sufficient funds items which could cause you to incur a fee from the payee, Alliance pays these items up to $700 during a 30-day period. You incur an NSF/overdraft fee of $29 for each transaction that we pay when you have insufficient funds to cover the transaction.

Direct Deposit
This form is to arrange to have a portion or all of your paycheck automatically deposited into your Alliance account.

Online Banking Cross Account Request
Use this form if you would like to fund transfers to Alliance accounts other than yours.

Wire Transfer
Fill out this form and bring it to a financial center to complete your wire transfer.

MasterCard Fraudulent Charge
If you believe your debit card or card data was stolen and fraudulent charges have been made, please complete this form and list each fraudulent charge. You will also need to complete the CUNA Cardholder Dispute form.

MasterCard Disputed Charge
If you would like to dispute a debit card transaction, please fill out this form (one for each transaction).

Why not take the month off? Skip your next eligible loan payment on your vehicle and/or signature loan.

Automatic Loan Payment Set-Up
Use this form if you would like to set-up an ACH/EFT payment from another financial institution to your Alliance Credit Union loan.

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